Lingua Viva’s FCE Preparation Course will allow you to face the exam with confidence, knowing what to expect in the different parts of the exam and how to go about answering the different types of questions.

The exam consists of 5 parts:

Paper I: Reading (1 hour)

Paper II: Writing (1 hour 20 minutes)

Paper III: Use of English (45 minutes)

Paper IV: Listening (40 minutes)

Paper V: Speaking (14 minutes)

You will be using a “Practice Tests” book as the basis of the course with worksheets from other sources to provide more practice.

In the first few classes, the teacher will be making a note of the areas the group needs to focus on and will also ask the participants in the course what their perceived problems are, with a view to introducing these problem areas into the course at the appropriate times, usually in the first part of the course, as part of the practice for the Use of English paper.

Grammar points that could be introduced include the following:

Review of conditionals


Indirect speech

Indirect questions



So & such


Remember / remind

Gerunds / Infinitives

Wishes & regrets

So that / in order to / because

Used to / be used to

Past tenses

This is not a general English course and the focus is on preparing for the exam.

Through practicing examples of exams, your teacher will give you helpful tips and advice on how to face the different parts of the different papers and you will learn how much time to spend on the different parts of the Reading and Use of English papers.

In principle, you will practice the listening and speaking parts of the exam in class with reading exercises being set for homework and corrected and discussed in class.

Apart from the classes and homework set by the teacher, you should read as much and as widely as possible to help you learn a wide vocabulary and become more familiar with a variety of verb patterns and different structures. Your performance in the Use of English paper will benefit immensely.

Giles Perry

Jefe de estudios de Lingua Viva Idiomas y examinador oficial de Cambridge.